My opponent: *throws sword to the side and raises fists* lets do this the old fashioned way

Me: *picks up their sword*

Them: You can't do that

Me, stabbing them with both swords: I didn't agree to anything man, you disarmed yourself

Exit Strategy - Digital Oil Painting

“Cas, you mind putting those things away while we’re in a fire-fight?” “My apologies, I thought you would see the wisdom in a quick getaway.”

And then Dean gets a nosebleed and Cas thinks it’s because of Dean’s fear of flying, but really it’s because he’s picturing Cas holding him like a princess as they fly off, hehe. Try not to flirt so much while fighting off demons, guys.

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as the lesbian philosopher i say being a lesbian is good for your health


Yall heard it here folks. Sappho 2.0 electric boogaloo speaks the truth


Me: *wakes up from a fairy-induced hundred year nap*

Me: *goes back to sleep*


I'm Satan


Oh hey boss! I thought the internet was down


i don't know if i just lucked out but a ton of people i follow on here are bisexual and it makes me really happy!! especially since i never really found bi people on tumblr to follow.

so, shout out to all the bi people on here! as a fellow bi, i'm love you!!


I was talking with a friend and he said, “Who’s that American politician? You know, the man in his 70s?” and it was like, bud, that doesn’t help narrow things down at all


Feelings towards romantic and sexual activities are not equivalent to romantic and sexual orientation. Romance favorable aros and sex favorable aces exist. Oftentimes these activities can be fun or physically enjoyable, and that doesn’t change just because one doesn’t desire a specific person to engage in those activities with.


so apparently in Russia you either let people sexually assault you or serve 10 years in prison gr8


i could add the petition links if you think petitions work


hey. tw sexual assault, violence

three sisters killed their father who has been sexually and physically assaulting them for years in self-defence and can now serve up to 20 years in prison, petition to free them


a girl fought off her attacked with a knife, is now charged for attacking him, 10 years in prison, petition to free her


BOOST. "what's it like living in Russia" my ass. this is what it's like. i have no energy to do anything else about this. please spread. please. idk if petitions help but at least mainstream russian media is also talking about this.

I finally finished it

I'll be honest, I did not see myself having this finished yet. I've been really motivated though by the encouragement from all of you, so thank you so much.

Once this has gone up everywhere, I'm going to be adding a Commissions page to my blog so keep an eye out for that.

I'm also going to be making a post about my situation. I've been vocal about some of it but I think I need to pull it all together.


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It's so awesome! I love it! Does the dragon have a name?


someone: follows my blog expecting good content

me: i eat dirt i am a rat i am a gremlin [keysmash here]


glad to see the goblincore community is making their mark here on waterfall dot social


you foole op, that is good content

signs from nature

pride flag potions by yours truly 👉🏻😎👉🏻 available on Redbubble here! more potions coming soon 💗💜💙

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An apple goddess

such smooth lines, I'm so proud I didn't have coffee-jitters

Space Lady! Keeper of the Earth and Stars![[IMAGE:[[48930[[IMAGE:[[48929[[IMAGE:[[48928


I love her!!!


sam: boys like boys and girls alex: try telling that to magnus magnus: alex we've been married for ten years


this is canon

ascendancy by Elena Zaikina

Self Check In


- have you eaten recently?

- have you taken your meds today?

- have you made time for one of your hobbies/interests today?

- are you feeling tired? Is it time to go to bed or at least take a nap?

- have you drunk water recently?

- when was your last bathroom break?

Take care of yourselves, loves 💖


I think this is super important, and we should all know our history, especially during pride. He makes some really good and insightful points and really makes for an entertaining and educational video. HAPPY PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (again)

So I've been rewatching ODAAT


And I realized my aesthetic is watching shows with latinx people speaking spanish and getting away with heavy cursing because no one understands it. It makes me so happy.


number one (of million billions) reason to watch the show